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  • Hey Maddie, you probably told me about this or showed me already but when was you gone tell me about this picture?


    Relax I'm not yelling at you, I was kidding about the "When was you gone tell me this" thing, it's that I never saw this picture before, at least I don't remember seeing it, not on DA, and I found it on Google Images! This is amazing! I like what you did! So why isn't this on DA too?

    If it was supposed to be a surprise sorry I ruined it!

    Thanks for making this.

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    • I didn't put it on DeviantArt because nobody besides you would've noticed. Also, on DeviantArt, I finally got core thanks to Candy Randy!

      What did ya think of that pic of Cody, though? That's his main promo pic for the Loudest House, if you're wondering.

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    • It's totally wonderful! I like your design and your style and choice of clothes for him!

      I don't know which of my OCs is less noticable, Cody or Demetre?

      But I'm glad you did this, I think I've been wanting some more Cody fanart. So may I post it on DA then please? And of course I'll credit you but if you prefer I not then I won't but I'll still save this picture, it's too good to let get by! Oh one thing, why isn't he wearing his glasses? Are they too hard to make or do you want him to not wear glasses?

      And congrats on your Core! Enjoy it while you can, Core is fun! I had it once and could do things like put pictures in the description instead of just a simple link!

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    • Feel free to post it if you want! And he's not wearing glasses cause I wanted to do a totally different design for him from this: 
      Cody promo pic 2
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  • This is going to be fun! I'll be sure to check out every page!

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